The Nest

How still it is!
Stinging into the stones,
The locusts’ trill.
Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694)

The Nest is the valley in which the story of The Last Guardian takes place. It is characterized by a massive sprawl of temple-like ruins and crumbling bridges. Towers before connected now stand solitary, and where civilization once abounded, emptiness reigns. Clues left throughout indicate that something has come to fill this void.

Ueda’s work isn’t just a static piece on a wall. His worlds are alive, created in accordance with the laws of the game’s own universe, rich with untold backstory and ravaged by time. Guardian’s crumbling structures are intentionally anachronistic, a rusted metal gate inside a tower of cold polished marble. — Jacob Geller

Track 03 Forest

By Takeshi Furukawa.

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