Trailers (SotC)

Here is a selection of trailers made for the PS2, PS3 and PS4 releases of Shadow of the Colossus. Many selected are the Japanese versions because they better convey the soul and artistry of the game.

The first section has official trailers. The second section is comprised of FAN-MADE trailers, using in-game, live action and hand-drawn footage. The fan trailers are ordered by platform (PS2, PS3, then PS4).

PS2 trailer for Japanese audience. By far the most beautifully-made. See here to view another variant.

PS3 trailer for the HD remaster (Japanese). See here to view the American version.

1st voice: “I need you to bring back her soul…”

2nd voice(s): “With that sword, it may not be impossible. That is, of course, if thou manage to accomplish what we asketh.”

PS4 comparison trailer. Bridges the 2005 original, 2011 remaster and 2018 remake.

PS4 prologue trailer. Japanese text, worldwide audience.

PS4 E3 Reveal trailer. Worldwide audience.

PS4 story trailer. Worldwide audience.

FAN-MADE Trailers (in-game footage and hand-drawn):

PS2 original. “Be strong…And let the light guide you…”

PS2 original. “What if you had the chance to bring someone back?”

PS2 original. Epic, Italian choral soundtrack.

PS2 original; Italian requiem. Click here & see “Tráiler” for Guardian‘s equivalent.

PS3 remaster. “I was told you can control the souls of the dead…”

PS4 remake. Epic, HD, slo-mo action. Long, but extremely well edited!

PS4 remake. Watch as they rise from the age-old sands.

PS4 remake. Shadow of the Colossus footage with music from Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s 2017 Trailer BGM.

Live Action” unofficial movie trailer.

Anime-style movie trailer.

Hand-drawn trailer/tribute to Shadow of the Colossus.

A second hand-drawn trailer, this time in a pencil style…

Because the videos never end, click here to view YouTube’s collection of fan Tributes to Shadow of the Colossus. Many are made quite well.

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