Sword & Bow

Ancient Sword

Though not a weapon the wanderer is proficient with, this Sword is by far the most important weapon in his quest. When held up in the sun, rays of blue light shine out, converging only when he is facing the direction he needs to go. It is the only weapon capable of mortally harming his foes, the Colossi.

The reason you use the sword to search is, after all, [because] this is a world without people. There are two things that I really hate. One is invisible collisions. For example, there’s nothing there, but you can’t go forward; there are some games that have this… Another is the character who repeats the same phrases. For example, when you go to hear his story, he gives you a hint, but each time he gives you the same hint it makes the character feel lifeless. I didn’t want to make that mistake and I wondered if I could find a new solution. That’s when I thought of the sword. — Fumito Ueda

Wander as seen in the PS2 release of Shadow of the Colossus; TeamICO Wiki

The Bow

Wander is a very capable horseman and archer. As such he is able to shoot effectively from the saddle, sitting or standing.

Track 06 Sign of the Colossus

By Kō Ōtani.

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