Characters (ICO)

Flavoring the games to follow, ICO sports a very minimal cast. A young boy and young girl carry much of the story with their efforts to be free of a seaside fortress. The castle’s monarch, the Queen, poses more than a challenge for the youths with her supernatural power and shadowy servants.


  1. Ico
  2. Yorda
  3. The Queen
  4. Soldiers
  5. Shadows



Ico (イコ Iko) is the protagonist of ICO. Taken and chained by soldiers from his village, he is sent away to be locked up in a castle until death. But when an earthquake knocks over his coffin, setting him free, he encounters a young girl named Yorda. Together they make their way through the depths of the fortress in hopes of finding escape.



Yorda (ヨルダ Yoruda) is a young girl Ico finds locked away in a cage. As the daughter of the Queen, she possesses the ability to open gates that Ico cannot. This ability and her faithful bond with Ico enables them to go farther than they ever would.

The Queen


The Queen (クイーン Kuīn) is the reigning monarch of the Castle, a shadowy, Kami-like entity. She works to keep Ico from freeing Yorda.



The Soldiers are those who took Ico into the depths of the Castle. They tell Ico, “it is for the good of their village,” intending he not take their actions personally.



The Shadows (影 Kage) are servants of the Queen who are under her dark power. They pursue the youths in order to capture Yorda and return her to a cage.

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