Sheet Music for “To the Ancient Land”

Since many of you enjoyed my post To the Ancient Land, featuring the prologue music of Fumito Ueda’s Shadow of the Colossus, I thought I would share the sheet music I had arranged for that piece.

The first audio file is the music from the original soundtrack. Then follows sheet music in three versions:

  1. a complete form for flute, violin, and piano,
  2. a two-instrument form where the flute and violin are selectively viewed,
  3. and a solo form which just features the flute line.

The audio file that comes second is the midi file I exported from the complete, 3-part pdf. This way you can listen to the sheet music and compare it to the original soundtrack. It also allows you to follow along if you are trying to see what the sheet music sounds like. Please note, though, that the midi will sometimes ignore notations for ties, and so some notes may sound oddly split into several smaller notes.

TIP: Hit play on both players at the same time so that they play simultaneously. If you sync them, it’s pretty cool to see how they overlap and it lets you see how well the sheet music matches the original orchestra.

SOUNDTRACK: “Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~” by Kow Otani.
MIDI FILE, SHEET MUSIC: “Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~”.

The PDF files above were arranged by myself. As reference I used the Japanese OST CD as well as piano arrangements created by MuseScore contributors Daniel Major, Captnflav, and Matthew Brown. Here is a collection of their original sheet music.

Here is how to credit the header image…

4 thoughts on “Sheet Music for “To the Ancient Land”

    1. Oh I can hear the differences slightly now. But it’s just so much heavier when played together, I kinda liked that. I’m not that skilled at following sheet music otherwise haha 😅
      For a second I thought you covered the music yourself on violin and flute separately :3

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    2. Thank you! I do not play the violin, or the piano. I have to say that many of the chords I borrowed from Daniel Major’s arrangement. But I do play the flute, and many things that are written for violin can also be played on the flute. The CD of the soundtrack helped a lot in adding in the flute and violin lines to round out the piano.

      Liked by 1 person

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