Hanging Gardens

How still it is!
Singing into the stones,
The locusts’ trill.
Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694)

In a third installment of pleasant music from the world of Fumito Ueda, today we can listen to three compositions featured in The Last Guardian. Though performed by a full orchestra, the mood is calm and subtle, and very well suited for relaxing.

The first is “Hanging Gardens”…

Track 07 Hanging Gardens, by Takeshi Furukawa

Next is “Sanctuary”, which begins as a quiet piano solo…

Track 13 Sanctuary, by Takeshi Furukawa

And finally there is “Forest”, a beautiful and flowing piece…

Track 03 Forest, by Takeshi Furukawa

Music composed, orchestrated, conducted, and co-produced by Takeshi Furukawa. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices in Lyndhurst Hall. See Overture: Lore for more.

Here is how to credit the header image…

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