Poet of the Wind

拜托…我需要你带回她的灵魂.” – Wander.

To play the flute is to meet the divine.
To play their call. To hear them answer.
My mind wanders as she sings a picture into being.
Murky waters sink beneath a clarion sky.
Entities look on as mortals walk their way,
winding ever so near the light they desire, but
tottering into the abyss which awaits them.
Black eagles soar above with omens in their claws.
Hooves pound the earth.
She, the flute, tells all these things;
a master of voice yet, no words sung.


生活在受苦. 很难. 世界被诅咒了. 但是你仍然找到继续生活的理由.” – Osa

Here is how to credit the header image…

Unless credited otherwise, all PlayStation4 screenshots of “Shadow of the Colossus” and “The Last Guardian” (including header images) are my work.

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